Dec 1, 2011 / 7 notes

i had a good day

today has been quite fun. (besides being sick) i stayed home today from school cause my head was throbbing && my nose was all stuffy and gross when i woke up, so i decided to sleep in a little longer then clean for the day when i felt well rested? i dont know why but i tend to do abnormal things when im not feeling well. its like i do the complete opposite when im not sick and im fine. am i the only one that does that ? ….. anyway, so i had a surprise visit from shells after she got outta school and we chilled and i vented about everything. it was nice finally getting the weight of the world off my shoulders. straight up hands down, shes the only girl i could trust && talk to about everything! i love that. but i had a great time with her. shes gonna play softball this year so im gonna be helping her condition when she wants practice, so im really looking forward to doing that. (: ive lost then gained 5lbs so im gonna need the workout!

now that im noticing that your not around anymore its actually quite a relief.. not to sound all rude or anything but im actually perfectly fine without your presence <3 thank god the people around me are helping me get through this. im going solo. but ehh, the memories are always gonna be nice to remember later on the years.

time to read then sleep(: 

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